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Northwest Motorcycle Display

Show your bike @ the Seattle International Motorcycle Show
11/21-23 2014

Since 2001 Sound RIDER! has put on the Northwest Motorcycle Display at the Seattle International Motorcycle Show. Year after year, it's one of the highlights of the event.

We'll be doing it once again this year and we're on the lookout for unique, interesting, one-of-a-kind motorcycles for the upcoming show.

All types of bikes are welcome. Over the years we've shown cruisers, sport bikes, vintage rarities, trikes, scooters, mini bikes, racing sidecars, drag bikes, and more. Anything that goes!

Owners whose bikes are chosen for the show will receive a weekend pass to the show as well as an additional Friday and Sunday admission so you can bring a helper along.

To submit your bike:

  1. Email a photo of your bike to

2. CLICK HERE to open the submit form

We will contact you within a few days after receiving your submission.

We're limited to just 30 motorcycles, so please submit your bike sooner than later.

We've worked hard to upgrade this site. Click here to notify us of any problems we need to correct.

Dualsport Northwest Rally 8/29-9/1 2014


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