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VME Isle of Vashon

The Northwest Classic Old Bike Event

What, you missed it again?  VME's Isle of Vashon?  Nooooo?  Why?  Didn't know when the date was?  Where was it listed?  

For nearly two decades, VME has been hosting a fabulous poker run and event on Vashon Island every summer.  Known as the Isle of Vashon TT, the event has grown very popular over the years.  Unfortunately, Vashon Island hasn't gotten any bigger, so space is at a premium.  

VME has moved to no longer make the date public knowledge, aimed at keeping the crowd size manageable.  In an effort to keep the event going and keep the Vashon and King County authorities happy, VME only lists the date of the Vashon event in its newsletter 1-2 months beforehand.  Now, how does one get the newsletter?  Ohhhh, that's simple, you need to become a VME member.  As former president, Jim O'Keefe once informed me, "You don't need to have an old bike to join the club, you just have to be enthusiastic about them."  So for about $25 a year you can join VME and receive the newsletter.  You'll also get to read the fine articles the club publishes each month.

Back to the Isle of Vashon TT.  This is an old bike rally indeed with all kinds of nifty memorabilia ferrying its way over for the event.  You'll see bikes from vintage British and American fare to 60s Japanese models, all restored to top condition.

Your day begins by paying the low entrance fee and getting in on the poker run.  At the fee point in the middle of town you'll throw a dart into a board with 52 playing cards and your score card will be marked.  You have a map of the island which will lead you to four other check points.  At each check point you draw a card and your card is marked.  

Your final check point is at the Sportsmen's club where you pick up your fifth card and have your score card marked once more.  May the best hand win.

Once inside the grounds of the Sportsman's club you can pick up your lunch and see a spectacular array of vintage motorcycles on display.  You'll vote for the bike of your choice in the People's Choice award which is tallied and given to the winner at the end of the day.  

Also in the afternoon is a series of competitive events.  The events are only open to pre-74 bikes.  The events include how many times can you kick start your bike in 60 seconds, crab walking backward to your bike before moving it forward to the finish line by using your kick start to propel the bike, as well as a race for the finish where the slowest rider who can keep his feet on the pegs wins, and others.  The winner is determined by who wins the most events, a hat is passed and the collection goes to the champ.

As I said before, the event is very popular,  become a VME member and be hip to the date.  For membership information visit

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