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Trikes Unlimited

Up on Three Wheels

In the big town of Duvall, up Big Rock Road, in a big red barn there's a transformation going on.  We're not talking about the transformation of culture that high tech is laying on Puget Sound, but a way for those to ride, who otherwise can't or don't want to.  Converting a two wheeled motorcycle to a trike gives a new day to some riders.

Trikes Unlimited Owner Bud Spangler"Some people like a big touring bike, but they either don't like the weight of it, or can't handle the weight because they may be smaller, on in years or have a handicap" says Bud Wells of Duvall's Trikes Unlimited.

Starting at just $4995, plus paint, you can bring in your bike and have it converted to a trike in less than a month.  It's kind of like remodeling your house.  You'll be picking out carpet (used in the trunk) and paint as well as leather, swing arm types and lighting.  "We don't use kits" says Wells "each conversion is different and unique."  One standard feature Wells uses is a 1932 replica of a Ford tail light on each side of the back.  "It's our signature" he notes.

Wells and his wife each have a conversion which appear more like royal thrones.  Excellent upholstery and custom paintings adorn each bike.  They've enjoyed many miles and still do today.

Wells' work is primarily with Gold Wings, but he's equipped to handle other bikes as well.  When you deliver your bike, Wells not only retrofits your conversion, but also gives the bike a full mechanical run through if you request it.  "When it's all taken apart, there's no better time to be checking the bike through since it cost a lot more to take it all apart again later if there are any problems that need correcting such as water pumps and timing belts" Wells notes.  He also points out it's a good time to run through the various bearings and replace those that need it.  "There's been a lot of after market bearings put into Gold Wings that don't hold up as well as the one's that Honda manufactures." 

Wells bought the company from a Canadian entity in early 1999 and is just beginning to get the bikes shown at various Gold Wing rallies and motorcycle shows.  He's been riding motorcycles in Puget Sound since the late 1950s and owned one of the first Honda's imported into the US.  

For more information visit the Trikes Unlimited website at

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