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Welcome to the Sound RIDER! virtual Motorcycle Marketplace. We understand that our readers want to know about specials and events that are currently underway at Northwest shops, as well as national motor sports entities in general, and the Marketplace does just that. Check out what's going on this month.

The winter holidays are upon us and it's time to be thinking of gifts for loved ones and friends. If you've noticed your Kindle collecting dust, be advised, so have others and the printed book is back in full force for the season. We begin the marketplace this month with a number of new books on the market and then continue into new gear not to be missed.

How to Build a Motorcycle: A racing adventure of mechanics, teamwork, and friendshipHow to Build a Motorcycle

Sodomaka/Lacey, 64 pp, Walter Foster Jr, $14.95

The motorcycle industry lost most of the millennial generation to the Sony's, Ninetendos and X-box' of the world because of a huge gap they created in their marketing, spending their dollars instead on preaching to the converted. This book creates a bridge to reaching the next generation. Written and illustrated for kids 6 and up, How to Build a Motorcycle is the story of a group of friends that learn how to build a motorcycle and take it racing. It expresses the importance of teamwork, learning in depth and being a responsible rider. All good chutzpa for your next rider who needs the right kind of inspiration to do the right thing on two wheels.

Harley-Davidson: The Complete HistoryHarley-Davidson - The Complete History

Darwin Holstrom, 240 pp, Motorbooks, $50

So you've got a friend, who has a Harley, but needs one goo coffee table book to go with it. Bingo. Editor, Darwin Halstrom is no stranger to creating great books having pieced together others revolving around motorcycles, cars and rock & roll. This one comes with it's own wrap around sleeve, a poster and of course lots of great photos. Editorial contributors include Peter Egan, Kevin Cameron and other notorious writers from the moto world. At $50 this thing is a steal.

Smart Fat: Eat More Fat. Lose More Weight. Get Healthy Now.Smart Fat

Masley/Bowden, 321 pp, HarperOne, $27

Let's face it, among the motorcycle community a lot of us are overweight. Sure, we can go on a diet, shed some pounds and X months later it will come back. Keeping your weight in check involves understanding what makes us fat. Turns out, it's not fat. In the book, Smart Fat, Steven Masley and Jonny Bowden lay out all the latest science to help us understand why todays nutrition in general is flawed by culprits like Monsanto, bleached flour, white potatoes and otherwise. The book provides the current skinny on how we can get on the right track with food and maintain a healthier lifestyle as a result. Winter is always a great time to fix your diet and this book will help you fix it for good.

Indian Motorcycle(R): America's First Motorcycle CompanyIndian Motorcycle - America's First Motorcycle Company

Darwin Halstrom, 224 pp, Motorbooks, $50

Since its most recent rebirth in 2011 by Polaris, sales of Indian Motorcycles have been explosive and there's no slowdown in sight. But of course, a proper coffee table book is in order for any lover of the brand and Darwin Halstrom (this guy has been busy) sets up the proper combination of editorial and photos. The book covers every aspect of the company, since its inception in 1901, through the war years, it's 1953 bankruptcy and several attempts at revitalization, the final which has been a success. An entire chapter is spent on the resurrection of the Scout and includes many never-before-seen photos of the design and prototyping phases. A must-have that's done well.

On Grief, Hope, and Motorcycles: A DiaryOn Grief, Hope, and Motorcycles

Candiya Mann, 387 pp, $15

Girl meets motorcycle guy, she learns to ride, they fall in love, later he dies on bike, she goes for a long ride to sort through the grief. Well… that's the long story short. It's not the first time we heard of someone using a motorcycle to get their life fired up again and it won't be the last, but Mann's shared insights are a touching reminder of what one must do when they lose a loved one and search for a way back from the darkness of loss.

OK - now it's onto new gear and things to do in time for the fall/winter season…

Image result for kilimajaro 37.5First Gear Kilimanjaro 37.5

We tested this jacket over the summer on a number of rides. With each generation of Kilimanjaro, First Gear outdoes themselves. The newest, 37.5 ships without an interior liner, which allows the rider to choose for themselves what they want to wrap themselves with in the interior. There's plenty of storage available as the jacket sports no less than seven large pockets, several using marine grade zippers to keep the water out. Come to think of it, we've never known a Kilimanjaro to leak and our new tester continues that tradition. Happily, the jacket sheds water from the outside, unlike some competition that thinks using an interior dry liner is the way to go, which is de-evolution. The 37.5 comes in three color choices - neon yellow, gray and white. A set of matching pants completes the scene.

Great-Basin-roll-top-1Giant Loop Roll Top Upgrades

Giant Loop upgrades their classic Coyote and Great Basin saddle bags, getting rid of those confounded zippers, instead incorporating a waterproof roll-top making it much simpler to access gear and put it away. 100% American made, the Bend Oregon company continues to develop innovative soft luggage the me-toos constantly copycat. For the best quality - get the real thing and keep an eye on these guys, they're always dreaming up cool new stuff.

Image result for icon shaguarIcon Shaguar Women's Gear Lineup

Icon's got plenty going on with new gear this year across the board, including a women'sw lineup of helmets, jackets, boots and gloves titled Shaguar. It's a one-of-a-kind look that means no woman needs to look like a man when they go out for a fully geared up ride anymore. With any luck, this collection will take off and the line will be expanded with more offerings.

Image result for wmst kickstartWMST KickStart Course

This three-hour introductory course is designed for the true novice and introduces the basics of motorcycle controls and operation in a low stress environment. WMST provides the motorcycles and class sizes are kept low for more personal attention. This class can be completed using a WMST provided scooter instead of motorcycle by contacting the WMST office or requesting in registration notes. Completion of the KickStart course will give new riders the confidence and foundation they need to attend the Basic Rider Course.

Image result for ride adventures touring companyRide Adventures

Sure - Between November and April the Pacific Northwest is a snowy soggy mess. That's the time to ship or rent a bike in a faraway land and experience what other parts of the world have to offer. Ride Adventures partners with other touring companies around the world to connect you with some of the best tours going put on by seasoned guides who know their areas inside and out. If this is the year to break away on an anywhere-in-the-world adventure, be sure to check these folks out when you're doing your research.

If you're a Northwest or national motorsports company and have a special event or product you need our readers to know about, contact us at 206-650-9102.

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