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Welcome to the Sound RIDER! virtual Motorcycle Marketplace. We understand that our readers want to know about specials and events that are currently underway at Northwest shops, as well as national motor sports entities in general, and the Marketplace does just that. Check out what's going on this month.

Avon Spirit ST tires

For years we were big believers in Avon Storm tires. The only problem was it was hard to get a rear mount to make it beyond about 5,000 miles before needing to be replaced. The new Spirit ST comes with a 15,000-mile warranty (see website for details). How’s that possible? Welcome to the 21 st century where compounds have come a long way since the advent of the Storm series. The Spirit ST features a highly-loaded silica compound combined with state-of-the-art polymer technology for excellent wet and dry traction and handling. It also incorporates Avon’s new 3D Sipe technology—interlocking three-dimensional points hidden in the sipes that improve stability and grip, limit tread flex and allow the tire to warm-up quickly.

Find all the latest tires from Avon at

Cascade Motorcycle Safety

Have you heard, Cascade Motorcycle Safety is under new ownership. Longtime guest contributor to the Rally in the Gorge, Jesse Murphy, has taken the reins at this motorcycle instruction school that serves Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom counties. The school provides beginner and intermediate classes to riders from anywhere in addition to seminars that are often free. 2018 may see some additional advanced rider courses. Join the mailing list to get the latest updates.

More information is at

Dirt Bike Safety Training

Wherever you live in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a Dirt Bike Safety Training class coming your way. Whether you’re an adventure, dual sport, motocross or trails enthusiast, there’s something for you. Choose from basic, intermediate and advanced classes, or call an instructor in for some private training to focus on where you want your riding to go next. Ladies-only classes are scheduled through the year and youth classes/day camps are also available.

Check out the Pacific Northwest’s innovative instruction school today by visiting

Giant Loop 2017 Fender Bag

Redesigned, the GL Fender Bag is now RF welded, 100% waterproof and features a roomy 3 liters of storage. That’s enough space to pack your tire repair and care kit, spare tubes, or lunch and water. You decide!

Always looking ahead, the Bend Oregon think tank at Giant Loop has innovated quite a few products of the last decade. See them all at

Racer Tour FHH Gloves

Looking for a glove that’s waterproof, insulated, has touchscreen fingers and won’t break the bank? If that’s you, it’s time you check into a set of Racer Tour FHH gloves. The latest edition to a growing lineup of gloves for every style of riding, the Tour FHH will satisfy most road riders’ needs. If you have heated handgrips, then it’s all the better because the FHH (for heated handgrips) were designed to draw the maximum possible amount of heat from the grips and reflect it onto the skin.

Check out all the latest gloves from Racer at

Southern Oregon Adventure Riders

You don’t need to travel outside the Pacific Northwest to find a tour company. SOAR Motorcycle Tours leads groups to more financially-economical places like Yosemite, Crater Lake and Glacier National Park. But beyond that, you can create your own tour together with them, and utilizing their mobile tour service, they can even trek bikes to the start point, so all your riders will have bikes to ride.

Get more information at

Sumo Gloves by Lee Parks Design

For years, Lee Parks has shied away from building gloves with knuckle and top-of-hand protection. The risk are too great that in a crash, a rider may cause excessive damage to these areas as a result of the hardware many gloves incorporate to provide ‘protection.’ But give Mr. Parks some time and he will overcome the obstacles in the way of making better products and, for gloves, now he has. The new Sumo gloves incorporate Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) ribbons along the exterior of the fingers and over the top of the hand. The Sumo R features an extended gauntlet and wrist bone protection as well. Both gloves incorporate touch sensitive material into the index fingers and thumbs making the operation of a GPS or Smartphone a breeze.

See the entire lineup of gloves at

Trail Tech 7” Headlight

Looking for a replacement to your stock dirt bike headlight? Look no further. Trail Tech’s new 7” LED headlight cranks out 4700 lumens and draws just 27 watts. It’s waterproof and mounts directly to your forks utilizing a universal fitment.

The company makes a number of other headlight options as well as their own GPS units which are compatible with all GPX format routes.

More details about Trail Tech are available at


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