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Tips and Tricks for Motorcyclists

An ongoing column of useful information for riders of all types of motorcycles.

 It's December. A time to give and a time to play. And hey, did you take care of business earlier this fall when you stored your bike? Let's check in.

Are you Stabil?

Did you store your bike for the winter? If so, did you remember to pour a little Stabil into a full tank of gas? Storing the bike with a full tank of fuel and adding Stabil means the fuel won't spoil over winter and there's less area in the tank where moisture can form. If you're bike has a carburetor, it's also a good idea to run it dry or drain it prior to storage. Even if you haven't done these things by December, it's not too late to do it now.

Winter Socks

Just as base layers have evolved over the years, so have winter socks specific to motorcycling. Lenpur is a fabric woven with microscopic bits of wood fiber. It feels a lot like cotton, but provides more warmth and has wicking properties to move the moisture away from your skin. When moisture is on your skin, you'll lose body heat faster which is something you don't want to be doing during the winter months. Look for winter motorcycling socks that are made with Lenper fabric.

Cabin Fever?

Winter isn't really a time to tour in the cold regions. But then again, it's kind of fun to get out and do something. Many states have cabins and yurts for rent all year long. How about a local outing where you load up your gear and head to the nearest one for a night or two? That will get you out of the house without spending a lot to do it. Bring a camera so you can document the adventure and share it later with friends and club members.

Give the gift of skill

Sure, it's always nice to gift new gear to someone. But there are those of us who have all we need. Do something different by gifting a rider training gift certificate to a loved one. Rider training is a continuous cycle and it doesn't hurt any of us to take a class of some type every other year or so. In some states, passing a side car class can get the rider an added endorsement on their license, whether they ever actually plan to own one or not. Or how about a track day? Maybe an off-road training class. The choices are endless.

Don’t strip those JIS heads

If you own a Japanese vehicle you're going to want to get a set of these. Known as Japanese Industrial Standard. A quick search of images on the web and you'll note there's a bit of a difference between JIS and American Philips heads. So much so, it makes sense why riders strip Philips heads so often on Japanese bikes. While the Japanese use JIS heads on all their bikes (and cars), the typical screw driver heads sold in America are - American.

TM/Fall 14

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