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Tips and Tricks for Motorcyclists


A monthly column of selected favorites from our vast archive.

Buy the service manual

Whether you plan to service your bike yourself, or have someone else do it, go beyond having just the owner's manual and spend the money to get the OEM service manual. Inside you'll discover a wealth of information from proper body work removal, to nut and bolt torque ratings throughout the bike as well as specific servicing tips not found in the standard owner's manual. You can share the manual with a tech working on your bike in the event he or she does not have access to one, and you can get yourself up to speed on just what they'll be doing work-wise on your bike. A service manual also makes a nice go-along when it comes time to sell the motorcycle and reflects how much you've cared about the bike while owning it. Some are produced on CD-Rom which will save you lots of space in your library.

Fouled aspirin

Aspirin has a shelf life of about 6 months. After that it goes foul, smells like vinegar and can tie your stomach in a knot at that point if you ingest it. It's a good idea to toss any you have left over from last riding season when you restock your first aid kit in the spring.

Resurrect an old smartphone or MP3 player

Many of us have an old phone or music player collecting dust in the house somewhere. You could resurrect it to become your music player when you're on the road. Even if it doesn't have a Bluetooth connection to your helmet headset, there are plenty of third party devices to remedy that. Going this route means you'll leave your phone alone and thus it will have more battery power available when you need it and you won't be annoyed by text or calls while you ride.

Back in the saddle

After several months of not riding, some riders aren't too keen on their first ride following. This is a great time to be extra alert about all that's going on around you as you get back in the groove. If you feel like you need to learn to ride all over again, consider signing up for an intermediate rider course to help you re-acclimate. Our experience is that some riders who partake in regular training and are constantly pushing their skills have an easier time after a long break from riding, perhaps because motorcycling becomes second nature to them?

Spring Reload

Spring is a great time to lay out all your gear and go through it to replace or replenish items you're low on or are passed their useful life. These might include tire glue, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, prescriptions and so on. Spread out your shower kit, first aid kit and fix-it kit and see how many you can come up with.

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