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Mesh gear keeps you cooler - Really?!

Manufacturers of Mesh riding gear would like you to think it will keep you cooler as the temperature rises. To some degree it will but anytime temps move into the 90's you are hitting a wall of 90 degree heat. When that happens, the wind will wick the moisture from your skin quickly. That moisture is there to help transport heat away from your skin. When you don't have it the moisture can't escape and your body temperature rises. And that is not a good thing. Wearing full gear will help keep that water on your skin and that is nice. Add an evaporative cooling vest and life rocks.

Keeping bacteria at bay

Adding foot powder into your socks each time you ride is a good way to keep your feet dry and bacteria free. But there's another reason to do it. In the unlikely event you have to do a water crossing (right dual sport guys and gals) or for some reason you get water in your boot, you won't be dealing with itching until you finally have a moment to remove the wet boot and sock. Foot powder, or better yet, Anti Monkey Butt Powder, will help neutralize any nasty bacteria, and in extreme cases has been known to save a layer or two of skin from peeling away.

More fingering

Annoyed by a driver following too close behind you? US TOO. Hold your left hand out horizontally with three fingers extended. Many drivers get the message because three fingers mean nothing. One finger means coming left, two fingers mean 'peace' and three fingers means??? Three seconds fool. Some drivers catch on fast, but don't expect them all to.

Are tires cheaper on the internet?

Is it really cheaper to buy a tire on the Internet? The repercussions can be costly. When you buy a tire from the shop, you can inspect the manufacturer date and know for certain it's a 'new' tire and not old stock that has been sitting over time. Older tires don't last as long as they decay and can crack sooner, than a freshly made one. Also, consider how easy it would be to handle a warranty issue store bought, vs online and what shipping charges may be involved in the online exchange.

Pre-determined stop points

In group riding, it goes without saying that most riders are not matched evenly in their skills with others in the group. Some can ride faster, some need to go slower, some are better at cornering, some need to improve their braking skills and so on. If everyone knows the route, then simply note the next stopping point where the group can re-gather, allowing each to ride at their own pace along the way. Speedsters in the front, leisure riders to the back. Let's all have a good time.

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