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Island Fever

How to enjoy some nice riding this fall and winter and have a good time

Here in the Pacific Northwest we do get our share of rainy days throughout the fall and winter months. But you know how it goes. All of the sudden the high pressure happiness sets in, the skies turn blue and you’re itchin’ to ride.

Many savvy Sound RIDER! readers keep their bikes ready-to-ride throughout the winter. A little chill is no problem when you have heated grips, a heated seat, electric clothing, heat packs or otherwise. If you’re new to cold weather riding this event is a nice way to slip into it a few miles at a time.

Riding up over a pass is typically out of the question. A low elevation destination is more like what you’re looking for. Around the Puget Sound it’s pretty easy to ride to an island and take in whatever that island has to offer without all the tourist jamming the roads.

Throughout the spring and summer months we celebrate the great restaurants of the Northwest with our Café to Café Grand Tour. This year we want to add something to do on those sunny fall and winter days. Your goal – hit at least ten islands on your own schedule between now and March 30th. If you route just right, you could do that in one or two day rides. There are so many great islands to visit. Some you may never have even heard of?

How it works

Register online for the Island Fever Grand Tour event. Once you register we will send you a list of no less than 30 islands you can access by motorcycle in the Pacific Northwest. Most are right in the Puget Sound area. We’ve even included a half dozen islands in Canada so our neighbors to the north can play as well.

You’ll also receive a numbered playing card. Get your photo taken with you and your bike in front of an identifiable location on each island you visit (welcome sign, restaurant, fire department, post office… you get the idea).

Also included will be discounts for gear, restaurants, overnight stays and otherwise. We’ll be posting those discounts here as they become available. The value of the discounts alone will surely offset the $25 registration fee.

The Discounts So Far

Show your playing card at any of these locations and save!

Port Ludlow Resort - Hit Marrowstone Island, then take 10% off your overnight stay (limited to availability) and/or enjoy a free dessert with your entrée in the dining room - lunch or dinner.

Seattle Cycle Center – Save 15% on any heated clothing they sell. Includes items in stock and special order items too.

Rich’s Custom Seats – Save 10% on a heated insert for your motorcycle seat.

Skagit Powersports – Save 15% on all winter riding gear. See Jose for your discount.

Sound RIDER! Online Store – Call your order in and save 10% on MSL winter motorcycling base layers.

More on the way…

Discounts are valid from now through 3/31/14.

Be sure to check back to this page each time you ride in case there are new discounts posted you need to know about.

Email us back your images as you play. Once you hit ten you can plan on receiving a nice Island Fever certificate suitable for framing.

The first Sunday in April we will celebrate the winners during a special no-host luncheon which will be held at a secret island location near Seattle. Winners need not be present, but why would you want to miss it?

There will be additional awards for most islands visited, big spenders, highest island population average based on the islands you visit, lowest island population average and more. More details are included in your package.

Don’t delay, register today so you’re set to discover some beautiful islands when that next wave of high pressure rolls in!

Click here to register now


1/6 - You may add Smith and Spencer Islands to your list. They are both located in Snohomish County and both have a 0 population.

Please begin emailing your images now to REname the images to reflect your playing number and the island. Such as - 1301-Fidalgo.jpg.

Strike Herron Island from your list. It is only accessible if you have a guest pass from a resident. Thanks to Michael M. for the heads up on this.

12/26 - Please strike McNeil Island from your list. Unless you're a convict you have no business going there. We apologize for any confusion we may have caused since we meant to strike it in the initial selection.

12/2 - Please note the following changes for Islands if you got your sheet before 12/2.

  1. The correct population for Galiano Island in BC is 1,258
  2. We've added Bowen Island in BC, population 3,402
  3. You may also visit Pass Island near Whidbey, population 0.
  4. Gedney, Tattosh and Waadah have been struck from thev list since there is no general public access to these islands.

Thanks to BC LeRoy and Bombay Jim for the updates.

11/8 - Nice offer from Port Ludlow resort. The food here is stunning!

11/1 - Island fever packs start shipping on 11/15

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