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Year: 2003
Description:  Absolutely beautiful Honda Magna 750. It is an incredible electric blue and all the chrome is polished to blinding shine. Surprising powerful 78 HP 4 stroke liquid cooled V4 power plant that can easily rock you back in your seat even with a passenger. It has been a garage queen its whole life. Very nimble and comfortable with a great tight turning radius. Lets talk about extras of which there are a ton: -Custom Mustang Driver and Passenger Seats. -Windshield -Full set of leather Tour Master saddlebags and rain covers that include: -Side Saddles bags. -Rear Backrest Bag -Bedroll bag that sits on top of the backrest bag. -Highway foot Pegs. -Original User manual and tool kit. -Honda Mechanic Repair Manual -Honda General Purpose Repair Manual -Addon Hyperlites LED Brake Light and Turn Signals. The brake light flashes 4 times and is incredibly effective. On average I have noticed that cars will stop 4 feet further back. -Headlight Flasher- during the day if the headlight is on bright it will flash. Automatically stops flashing when it gets dark. -Wired for a trickle charger with charger included. -Cellphone Holder. -Bike Cover -New Battery -New rear tire. -Helmet & Gloves extra if you want them. If you want to test drive it show up with: -Full cash price -License with motorcycle endorsement -Vehicle Insurance -You will leave your car keys behind when you ride. Come get your next dream bike. There is still plenty of beautiful sunny Seattle weather to go out enjoy a great ride.
Price: $3,200
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