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Pendleton Bike Week


The Rally in the Gorge: Highlights for all

Road Trip 2016

Are you ready to rally in one of the most beautiful places in America?

  Around the Pacific Northwest

Gray Creek Pass

NEW - Find out what it's like to travel over Canada's highest dirt road, before it's technically open.

No International Motorcycle Show this winter

NEW - The OEMs and sponsors have opted to bypass all of the West Coast with the exception of Long Beach, CA. But does that mean the motorcycle show is dead in the Pacific Northwest?

Flat Track Comeback

NEW - More bikes, more tracks, more races - we're seeing an uptick in popularity of a sport that was once golden in the Pacific Northwest.

2016 PNW rallies overview

NEW - Whatever you ride, there are plenty of rallies for all. Have a look at some of the highlights of our hand-picked lot.

   2016 Sound RIDER! events

The Rally in the Gorge   8/24-28

REGISTRATION IS OPEN - The 14th annual rally embraces sport touring, dual sport, adventure and sport bike riding. 5 days, 4 nights, 3 volcanoes and TOO MUCH FUN! Check out the 2016 schedule now.

Cafe to Cafe Grand Tour   3/1 - 9/30

REGISTRATION IS OPEN - The annual grand tour of 15 restaurants scattered throughout the Pacific Northwest. Hit your targets anytime the time is right for you.

Sasquatch Dualsport GPS Adventure Tour   6/13-17

IT WAS AWESOME! - The annual 5-day tour of some of the Northwest's best dirt roads. You missed it? Never fear, the book and GPS file are available now. Click here to order yours.

Road Trip Self-guided GPS Tour   5/16-20

WE DID IT - It was an awesome week as we rode along the Columbia River from Astoria to Canada. The tourbook/GPS combo are available now. Click here to order yours.

  Local Resources

Pacific Northwest Road Conditions

RESOURCES - Wouldn't it be nice to have one page with all the links to every county and forest service road conditions page in the Pacific Northwest? We've got that!

Four Trip Planning Resources

NEW - Derek Roberts explores the logical options to preview before your next ride.

Communities Pages

RESOURCES - Enhance your passion for a particular riding style by using our Communities pages to locate upcoming events, area clubs, used and hot deal bikes specific to a riding style and, of course, dealers and service providers. Jump in now!


  Rider Know-how

Group riding, are you ready?

ARCHIVE - With all the rallies and group riding events in full swing, it's probably a good idea to dig into the archive for some smart thinking on riding in packs.

2017 Spotlight on new bikes: Part 1

NEW - Derek Roberts takes a first-hand look at what's hitting the market for 2017. Some of these are available now.

Back in the old days: Part 1

NEW - A look at the differences between touring now and 100 years ago.  Trust us - you've got it made compared to the old days.

  Regular Features and Columns

The Sound RIDER! Show

SHOW - Tom and Derek cover the latest Pacific Northwest motorcycling news and events. Enjoy discussion about current happenings and interviews with local businesses and key players. Grab your headphones and enjoy.


UPDATED - Do you need an excuse to ride? We can help.

News Bytes

LIVE FEED - Find out what's happening daily with updates as they happen. We keep it informative and fun all month long.

Hot Deal Bikes

BUY NEW - New, non-current bikes at great prices, many with warranties. If you were thinking twice about buying new - think again.

Used Bikes

BUY USED - Looking for a used bike? We've got hundreds across all makes, models and styles.

Tips & Tricks

EVOLVE - Low labor rates, kickstand pads, head wraps and neck ties, water consumption and bees.


UPDATED - Check out the latest dealer specials, newest products and coolest events.

  Now in the Sound RIDER! store...

POPULAR NOW - Self-guided GPS Tours of the Pacific Northwest - Choose from paved and dual sport/adventure routes.

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Moto Guzzi V7 II


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