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Sound RIDER! presents the

Café to Café Grand Tour 2014

Ride to Eat – Eat to Ride

Do you enjoy long rides on scenic roads and great food along the way? If so, you’re gonna love the Café to Café Grand Tour!

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Cafe to Cafe is an annual grand tour of 15 restaurants in the Northwest. The restaurants, a.k.a. "targets" change each year. Riders are provided a list of the 15 restaurants and may ride to each of the targets anytime they like between March 1st and September 30th (spring & summer). Once there, all that's needed is a photo of the rider with their bike and signage in the background identifying the location. You'll email your photos in as per the guidelines in your registration package.

Those completing the entire list of 15 locations are awarded a special certificate to certify their bragging rights. Dining at the locations earn riders bonus points toward special prizes that are passed out during the annual awards banquet held each October at Cafe Veloce in Kirkland, Washington. You'll send your bonus point receipts to us in September through the US Mail.

Photos above and below: Ride it solo, or enjoy it two-up with your partner.

Included in the list of 15 restaurants are details about nearby roads and scenery worth a ride and/or look while the rider is in the area. While not necessary, these tips make the ride that much more worthwhile.

ANYONE with a street legal motorcycle, motorcycle endorsement and insurance specific to their bike (required by Oregon and Idaho state law) can participate in the Cafe to Cafe Grand Tour. Over the years hundreds of individuals have participated. Many do it solo, but the event can make for good competition internally among members within riding clubs that enjoy high mileage adventure and fun road games. The tour is also a favorite with riders participating in other grand tours at the same time.

To play, simply register online using the link below. Once your registration is received you will be sent a number card via US Mail and the list of this year's restaurants. If you're participating in other Sound RIDER! events this year, these locations are noted by event so you can hit them while on the route. Always be sure to read the updates below before each ride as they change often.

About the 2014 Tour

As always, the food is good along the way, fabulous in most cases, and the riding can't be beat. Here's a few highlights from this year's tour.

There are two french restaurants on the board this year. One in Washington and another in BC. Yum!

How about spit roasted prime rib on a Saturday night by a lake? Could life get any better?  

Tight corners? Two restaurants are in or near canyons. One is in Central Washington while the other is a bonus location in Wyoming.

One location is a former hardware store, but the only tools you'll find here are in the kitchen.

A location in Eastern Washington has entertainment on the weekends and is near a few hundred miles of sweet twisties.

Two locations are attached to wineries, but please don't drink and ride.

You like riding the pavement evolved from old wagon grades? So do we so we picked one nearby one such road.

One location is near this year's Rally in the Gorge, while another is near the Happy Trails Adventure Rally.

One location has a stunning view from inside a world-class museum.

The 2014 Cafe to Cafe Grand Tour. Ride to Eat, Eat to Ride and so much more!

CLICK HERE to order your registration package now!

"Great places that I wouldn't have gone to on my own." - Doug Ellett #10068

"Where do you find out about these fantastic places? The food is awesome and the roads are great!" - Brian Lipscy #10055


Take advantage of these discounts while you're at these locations. You must present your Cafe to Cafe card at time of service:

  • #2 - Enjoy a free soda or cookie when you purchase a meal

  • #5 - Show your playing vcard and get $2 off breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dinner is by reservation only.

  • #9 - Show your card and get $2 off addmission to theis world class museum!

  • #13 - Cookies today are a lot different than they used to be. Every rider that dines at #13 gets a cookie with their order at no charge!

  • #14 - Take advantage of a very generous 25% off you food and berverage purchases! Take advantage.


  • 9/22/14 - Standings have bveen updated - Click Here.
  • 4/27/14 - Those not wanting to enter the museum where #9 is to dine, may substitute going to the Glass Onion in Goldendale and providing a receipt and/or photo from there.
  • 4/15/14 - The first images have been coming in with the better weather and they look great.
  • 3/5/14 - Players 14000-14028, an email was sent to you today noting several corrections and revealing the bonus location in Wyoming. Be sure you read it and print out the revised list.
  • 2/26/14 - The card packets are being made up and will ship to all who have pre-registered on 3/3.








"Thanks for putting this on. I have been on lots of these types of photo tours in the past but this is the first one that my wife has been excited about accompanying me on. We won't likely make it to all of them but we'll sure have fun getting to the ones we can."

Tim Watts - 2009 Cafe to Cafe participant #9029

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Dualsport Northwest Rally 8/29-9/1 2014


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