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"...and now, from the Crow's Nest studio in beautiful downtown Broadview Washington, it's time for The Sound RIDER! Show"

After producing our online magazine for 15 years, we're extending our content by adding a broadcast/podcast.

The Sound RIDER! Show is a reflection of the people, places and things that make up the fabric of motorcycling in the Pacific Northwest. Be sure to subscribe to the magazine so you're on top of each new issue and now each new broadcast.

#1705, May 2017 – Out of the brine, into the sunshine

Our special guest for this show is Pacific Northwest Motorcycling Ambassador, Dave Eady, sharing bits about his stunning collection of memorabilia. For many it’s riding season again and we’re talking where to ride and where not to. A brief recap is in order concerning the upcoming Sound RIDER! events and then we discuss the new collector’s moto t-shirts on the way. Newsbytes is packed with information about name changes, a possible IPO r sale for Ducati, a new dirt track riding school in Spokane and more. The calendar is loaded up with lots of great rides and we close with a few choice tips to save you money and keep your brain intact.

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Tags: #Motorcycle Collections, Joe Kopp, Volkswagen, Ducati, Noble Rush of Auburn, White Horse Gear, Spokane Motorcycle School, Sang Froid Riding Club, Northwest Nitro Hillclimb, Moto GP Replay, Rose City 500, #Road Trip, Black Dog Dual Sport, Café to Café Grand Tour, Rally in the Gorge, Road Trip, Sasquatch Dual Sport, Skagit Powersports, Adventure Motorsports, Lynnwood Motorcycles, Adventure Motorcycles, Moon Motorcycles, Rich’s Custom Seats

#1704, April 2017 – Derek’s Running the show

It’s April and you know what that means – somewhere in here there must be a spoof. A great coffee table book has hit the market and we’ve got an exclusive interview with the author. Derek introduces a new segment – Gas or A-- (insert donkey option here). It’s also time for the part-time riders to throw a leg over the bike and we’ve got some events for you to think about. We’re talking new products, a new dealership, a price break on rider training and what’s going to happen now that we took home an award for the best chili!

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Tags: Classic Motorcycles, Motus motorcycles, Café to Café Grand Tour, Rally in the Gorge, Road Trip, Skagit Powersports, Adventure Motorsports, Lynnwood Motorcycles, Adventure Motorcycles, Moon Motorcycles, Rich’s Custom Seats, Uli’s Sausages

#1703, March 2017 - The nature of the nature

If you’re not a year-round commuter, then riding season is just around the corner, but with all mother nature has been dishing up, it’s going to be an interesting year ahead. As long as we’re cooling our heels waiting for spring, let’s talk about healthy and nutritious foods you can take on the road. For the interview segment, Tom talks about the latest updates for Rally in the Gorge, Café to Café, Road Trip and the Sasquatch Dualsport GPS Adventure Tour. Don’t miss the last-minute event announcement in the last seconds of the show.

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Tags: Spokane Motorcycle Show, Café to Café Grand Tour, Rally in the Gorge, Skagit Powersports, Adventure Motorsports, Moon Motorcycles, Rich’s Custom Seats

#1702, February 2017 – You ask – we answer

After looking at our recent web stats, Tom and Derek compile some of the keyword and phrase searches to come up with a list of questions our readers are obviously asking. To add to the fun we attach some catty names to who we think might be asking and then the pair proceed to answer. But before we get to that, the pair review a plethora of newsbytes happenings and a brief calendar overview. The show wraps with a few tips leaving plenty of time for you to get back to prepping your bike for your spring.

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Tags: Triumph of Seattle, Cee Cee KTM, Café to Café, Beef Tariff, Bob Budschot, The One Motorcycle Show, Skagit Powersports, Adventure Motorsports, Moon Motorcycles, Rich’s Custom Seats

#1701, January 2017 – Need more salt in your diet?

Our guests today are Delvene Manning with the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials and Bill Woods of Sodium Distortion. We’re talking Land Speed Racing and how you can play a part in it even if you don’t want to race yourself. Another new year has arrived, but last month brought forth more news than you can shake an empty champagne bottle at. It’s a light calendar which leaves us more time for our interviewees. And of course, we close with some interesting tips and tricks. Cheers!

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Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trails, Sodium Distortion, 300 cc motorcycles, Ryan Villopoto, Touratech, KTM, Indian motorcycles, Skagit Powersports South Bound Motorcycles, Adventure Motorsports, Moon Motorcycles, Rich’s Custom Seats

#1612, December 2016 – Gifts for the Season and more

It’s getting a little cold outside, but the guys are here to share all the latest news, events and tips and tricks so you’re ready when it’s time to ride again. Can’t think of what to get that special rider as a gift this coming holiday season? Tom and Derek run through a few ideas you may not have thought of. All this and more on the December show.

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Tags: SDOT, Olympia Toy Run, Ducati Redmond, Stryder Bikes, SUB, Lone Wolf H-D, Paradise H-D, Vancouver Motorcycle Show, Vallantine Motorworks, Skagit Powersports South Bound Motorcycles, Adventure Motorsports, Moon Motorcycles, The MotoFit Group, Rich’s Custom Seats

#1611, November 2016 – Playing it cool in Winter

With no International Motorcycle Show in the Pacific Northwest this year, Tom and Derek look for other ways to keep busy with the bikes. And there are plenty of options. The show opens with discussion of current happenings and a distinct lack of marketing in the market overall. During Newsbytes the pair discuss the pros and cons of bringing ten new models to market in a single year. The calendar is deceivingly loaded with events and the show closes with more tips and tricks every rider can use

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Tags: BMW Motorad, Keith Thye – Motoraid, Northwest H-D, Destination H-D, Best Rest, Sound H-D, Skagit Powersports South Bound Motorcycles, Adventure Motorsports, Moon Motorcycles, The MotoFit Group, Rich’s Custom Seats

#1610, October 2016 – The Best Time to Ride is NOW!

Was there ever a better time to own and ride a motorcycle in the history of man, than now? Is it going to get even better, or worse? What was it like to ride a motorcycle 100 years ago? There’s new books and new gear on the market for fall you need to know about. We talk current PNW MC news, look at the calendar and look forward to some fall riding. Did the guys actually open Bumble accounts during the show? Find out. Click here to play it now

Tags: Building a Motorcycle, Shaguar, RevIt, NEXX, South Bound Motorcycles, Adventure Motorsports, Moon Motorcycles, The MotoFit Group, Rich’s Custom Seats

#1609, September 2016 – Live from Hood River!

We thought it might be fun to record the show live, in front of an audience, and what better audience to do that with than the attendees at this years’ Rally in the Gorge. But we’re talking about more than just the rally as we interview the attending vendors to find out what’s new for fall from each of them. We’re also talking California’s legalization of lane-splitting, motorcycle sharing ventures, upcoming events in the PNW and more. Click here to play it now

Tags:Lane-splitting, motorcycle touring tips, Dirt Bike Safety Training, Gordon’s Heated Clothing, Vallentine Motorworks, Giant Loop Moto, Racer Gloves, Ride Adventures, Trail Tail Truitt Motorcycle Education

Episode #1608, August 2016 - The Rally in the Gorge and more!

We’re up to our neck in Rally Gators and we’ve got interviews today with the people behind the scenes making it happen. But first Tom and Derek dive into newsbytes to discuss a west coasters look at the Motus, fall TV fun, new 2017 models and trail booby traps in Idaho. The calendar is smoking hot this month so the team covers the highlights in detail. Key staff lays out many of the details about the 2016 Rally in the Gorge over two segments of interviews. The show closes with a few tips to make your touring a better experience. Click here to play it now

Tags: Rally in the Gorge, Suzuki Van Van, Yamaha 2017 FZ models, Hannegan Speedway, Rally in the Valley, Ride for Special Olympics, Monkey Butt 300, Yamaha Demo Days, Wallowa Thunder Run, Motofit Group, Moon Motorcycles, Rich’s Custom Seats, Adventure Motorsports 

Episode #1607 - Crushing a gnome

Tom has just returned from the Sasquatch Dual Sport GPS Adventure Tour and has stories to tell. A look into our news bytes reveals a used bike shortage and we won’t see an International Motorcycle Show in the PNW this year. The calendar shows what a cluster-duck it is in rally land this month. Then the guys review new gear on the market and share a few of their tips to close out the show.Click here to play it now

Tags: Sasquatch 16, Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally, Pendelton Bike Week, WSBMWR, First Gear, TCX Boots, Motofit Group, Moon Motorcycles, Rich’s Custom Seats, WMRRA, Tacoma Motorsports, Lynnwood Motoplex, South Bound Honda.

Episode #1606 - Merino Moto Unitardo

It’s an action packed show as Tom and Derek kick off discussing what it is that people are enjoying the most on Sound RIDER!, how our audience is growing and more stats. Then the guys jump into newsbytes to dispel false rumors and confirm those that are true. The calendar is jam packed and there’s not enough time on the show to cover all the events going on this month. Our interview segment features Derek milking updates out of Tom about all the Sound RIDER! events going on this summer. But Derek suggests adding even more – yikes! The show closes with some smart tips for layering up - how to keep the heat in and the bees out. Click here to play it now

Tags: Vespa Seattle, Scoot About, Triumph of Seattle, Giant Loop Moto, Wenatchee Powersports, Black Dog Dual Sport, Grit City Motorcycle Night, OMRRA, WMRRA, Backfire Moto, Oregon BMW Riders, Skagit Powersports, Rainier Cycle Bowl, Burien Father’s Day Car Show, Touratech Rally, Oregon Motorcycle Expo, Rich’s Custom Seats, Pendelton Bike Week, Moon Motorcycles, The Motofit Group, Hinshaw’s Motorcycle Store, Moto International

Episode #1605 - Continuing Education

It’s a jam packed show featuring interviews with Steve Stewart of Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety and Whitney Koeberle of Dirt Bike Safety Training. Rides only get better as we further our education and there are many opportunities to do that here in the Pacific Northwest. Hypothetically speaking, both Derek’s and Tom’s garages burn down and the pair are faced with replacing their bikes, find out what they picked. Our calendar is jam packed with spectator events that will keep you busy all the way up to June. Finally we wrap with a few tips. Press >PLAY now. Click here to play it now

Tags: Moon Motorcyces, TrailTech, MotoFit Group, MoskoMoto, The Rally in the Gorge, Hinshaw’s Motorcycle Store, Rich’s Custom Seats, All Moto Tires, Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety, Dirt Bike Safety Training, South Sound Honda, Washington State BMW Riders

Episode #1604 - Can you spot the foolin'?

Interviews in this episode include Dave Richardson of Moto International, Rob Burch of the MotoFit Group and the ever-so cantankerous Liam Stewart, who claims his great grandfather invented the electric motorcycle in the Pacific Northwest. Tom and Derek kick off the show with talk about hot button topics from the March issue of Sound RIDER, then reel in the April calendar highlights including details about the Desert 100, a vintage motorcycle swap meet and the annual Glider Cycle world tour. Newsbytes includes a discussion about a WABDR 24 Hour Endurance Run, a new Honda shop, rides and more. The show ends with some useful touring tips. Enjoy several new bumpers from Richard Blair and Mike Meengs. Click here to play it now

Tags: Moto International, The MotoFit Group, Zero Motorcycles, WABDR, Pro Caliber Vancouver, The Motoshed, Desert 100, 2Fast Track School, WAAAM, Backfire Moto Night, Washington Vintage Motorcycle Swap Meet, Rose City 500

Episode #1603 - Spring Prep Talk

Interviews for this show include Rich O’Conner of Rich’s Custom Seats and Mark and Dana from Vallentine Motor Works. We’re talking all about getting your bike right for spring. Also discussed: left lane shoulder riding, the end of Motorcycle USA, David Swezey departs a prominent dealer in the PNW, newsbytes, the calendar and much more. Cameos from Wayne Elston of South Sound Motorcycles, Don from All Moto Tire, Sukoshi from Avon Tyres, Gary LaPlante with MotoVentures, Rolf-Immo Gabbe of Rok Straps, Dave Richardson of Moto International, Bill from Rev-It, Mike from Tualatin, Tim from Burien, Al from Surrey BC, Dan from Kitsap, Ellen from Seattle and Ron from Poulsbo. Click here to play it now

Episode #1602, Hello from down under

Our guest this month is Tracy Jeffries of the Dirty Girls ADV group. We’re talking winter riding outside the Pacific Northwest, the Vancouver motorcycle show, Harleys new moves, The One Motorcycle Show, old bike night and so much more. Greg Hilchey, Deb Harvey, Olympia Carolyn, Rich O’Conner, Avon Sukoshi, Gary LaPlante, Tad and Gaila and Yakima Carl all make cameos. Click here to play it now

Episode #1601, Quint joins in

Dave Roosevelt of Seattle Used Bikes and Jesse Murphy of Truit Motorcycle Education join us in studio for this show where we discuss the Seattle Stolen Motorcycle Registry as well as one-on-one training that is available in the Puget Sound area. Tom and Derek split the hosting duties into three as RC Quint grabs a microphone for an even broader perspective on motorcycling in the Pacific Northwest. The trio opens the show with bike picks for 2016 and then reveal their individual New Year's moto resolutions. Click here to play it now

Episode #1512, Chili contest at noon, Santa pics at 2

We're heading into the Holidays and hey baby - it's cold and icy outside. Tom and Derek banter about riding in the dead of winter, then cover the latest news and calendar events before launching into a full blown holiday gift giving idea session. An early gift arrives by way of new show music from Richard Blair. Happy holidays to all the riders and listeners of the show. Click here to play it now

Episode #1511, The search for dead November

It was a long October and now Tom and Derek are looking for things to do in November. The show kicks off with banter about the recent Road Trip Tour, slips into the Calendar for a look at what's happening around the Northwest, then sails into Newsbytes with the latest innovation - MotoMudd. The last half of the show is a three-way look at the recent Portland Motorcycle show including the guys take, the readers take and interviews with a number of the show participants. Finally a few tips and then it's last rider out. This show is dedicated to the memory of Bob Lanphere Sr. Click here to play it now

Episode #1510, Digital training, Crank up the new heat

It's an action packed show. Tom has just returned from his hydro-therapy tour of Oregon and Derek wants the scoop. Then it's onto Newsbytes for discussions on electric bikes, Royal Enfield, Bennelli and the loonie move at Skagit Powersports. A review of the calander reveals how one dirt bike event is getting some action from the ADV community, and how the hunt is on for bikes for this year's Northwest Motorcycle Display at the International Motorcycle show in Portland. The show wraps with interviews from Team Oregon's Pat Hahn as well as Bob and Joann Gerbing of Gordon's Heated clothing. Click Here to play it now

Episode #1509, Post Rally Partum, September 15

Tom and Derek are back from the Rally in the Gorge. We share feedback and respond to riders who attended and shared their like and constructive thoughts with us. Then it’s on to Newsbytes, the Calendar and then a special interview with Steve and Walt of the Hog Radio show who are celebrating 7 years and their 400th show. Finally a tip discussion on the 10 essentials every rider should never leave home without. The show opens with a cameo from Joanne Gerbing of the new Gordon’s Heated Clothing line. Other cameos include Don from All Moto Tires, Dirty Girl Tracy Jeffries, Ray from Icon Motorsports, Wenatchee George, Harold from Giant Loop, BC Sharon, Tex Steere, Bremerton Sean and others. Click Here to play it now

Episode #1508, Ready to Rally, August 15

Tom and Derek work their way through newsbytes, look at the calendar ahead and then are joined by special guest, Connie Adams to cover the highlights of the upcoming Sound RIDER! Rally in the Gorge. Click Here to play it now

Episode #1507, Sweet 16, July 15

Tom and Derek cover all the latest Pacific Northwest Motorcycling news and events, including the latest innovations from Giant Loop covering their new Rally Raid line of aftermarket goodies for the Honda CB500X. Derek reveals his boo-boo he got riding off-road in Idaho while working up material for our summer adventure issue. Then the guys get down to what got Sound RIDER! to where it is today as Derek interviews Tom on the 16th anniversary of the online magazine. Click Here to play it now.

Episode #1506, Parts 1&2, June 2015

Clocking in at 1 hour, 15 minutes, the show runs a little longer than usual, but it's worth the listen, even if you take it in two parts. Tom and Derek kick off with discussion of current affairs including updates to the USFS Road conditions pages, Honda's Africa Twin, Seattle dealer smash and grabs and upcoming events. Then Jim Palms drops by for an interview about his recent IBMA 48Ten ride discussing how he covered 48 states in only 9 days. A new reader mail segment follows before finally closing the show. Music from Rick Ruskin, LVX Nova, The Eastwoods and of course Richard Blair. Click Here to play it now.

Episode #1505, Take your mom for a ride, May 2015 - Tom and Derek cover upcoming motorcycle events for May, review the current news and issues, provide an update on Sound RIDER 2015 events and discuss a packing tip. Interviews with Eric Folksted of the Pendleton Bike Week and Richard Ramsey of Triumph of Seattle. Cameos from Rolf Immo Gabbe, Ian with a Versys, Steve from Olympia, David from Greenbank, Bill with RevIt, BMW Butch, Dave Swezey and Don Hutchins. Theme music from Richard Blair as bumpers by The Eastwoods. Click Here to play it now.

Episode #1504, The Search For Fuddruckers, April 2015 - Tom and Derek cover upcoming events for April, review the current news and issues, provide an update on Sound RIDER 2015 events and discuss a touring tip. Interviews withGary Strode of the Granite Falls MX Park and around-the-world rider Dr. Greg Frazier. Cameos from Joel with Triumph of Seattle, Donn from Preston, Carolyn from Olympia, Tim from Burien and Dan Muir. Music from Richard Blair and bumpers fromTom's 1990's band, The Eastwoods. Click Here to play it now.

Episode #1503, Dirty Laundry, March 2015 - Tom and Derek cover upcoming events for March, review the current news and issues, provide an update on Sound RIDER 2015 events and discuss a touring tip. Interviews with Kevin Davis of the Euro Moto 2015 show and Chris Cody with the Inland Northwest Motorcycle Show (Spokane motorcycle show). Cameos from riders Jim Palms, Debbie Harvey, Uli Lengenberg, Rich O'Conner and Alan Ayers. Click Here to play it now.

Episode #1502, Why a Sound RIDER! Podcast?, February 2015 - Our first show includes interviews with MotoStays' Tad Hass and Gaila Guitierrez; and also Erik Bell and Dan Muir - the co-presidents from the Washington State BMW Riders. We talk the news, run through the February calendar and banter about why we did a podcast in the first place. Click here to play it now.

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